Dever Calls on Bryan to Pass Common Sense Solution to Service Animal Standoff

February 20, 2014

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Dever Calls on Bryan to Pass Common Sense Solution to Service Animal Standoff


Jonathan Dever, Republican candidate for the 28th District of the Ohio House of Representatives, renewed his call for a common sense solution to a Blue Ash City Council ordinance that prompted the removal of a young, disabled girl’s service animal from her home and sparked a federal lawsuit. 


Dever specifically called upon another candidate for the 28th House District, Blue Ash City Councilman Rick Bryan, to use his authority to rectify the matter.


“Blue Ash City Council’s ham-fisted application of an ordinance that led to the removal of Chloe Anderson’s service animal has sparked growing outrage and attracted embarrassing national attention.  City Council has the power to amend their law to allow Chloe’s miniature horse, Ellie, to come home.  The city has defended their actions by saying other animals were living on the property along with the miniature horse.  That is immaterial.  The fact remains that Chloe is being denied the use of her service animal that she depends upon.  There is a common sense, compassionate solution that can be reached.  I am asking Councilman Bryan to do what’s right by leading the charge and asking his colleagues to pass an ordinance as soon as possible to allow Chloe and Ellie to be reunited.  This issue can be resolved.  The lawsuit can be dropped.  Most importantly, Chloe can rely on Ellie once again if Councilman Bryan and his colleagues exhibit some leadership and compassion and do what’s right,” Dever said.


Sycamore Township Trustee Tom Weidman echoed Dever’s sentiments saying, “I share Jonathan’s concerns.  As a longtime elected official, my colleagues and I have had issues arise from time to time that were dealt with by simply passing a variance in the law to correct an issue like this.  I hope Mr. Bryan will act quickly to end this standoff and reunite Chloe with her service horse, Ellie.”



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