Dever delivers.

Jobs & Economic Development

Jonathan Dever delivered an environment that lets small and family-owned companies prosper.

As a small business owner and lawyer, Jonathan Dever has seen first-hand how excessive red tape can destroy a business and the lives of its employees.  In his first term, he helped reduce the tax burden on small businesses, cut red tape, and streamline Ohio's tax code. 

Ohio has a rich history of being at the forefront of technology and innovation.  We must keep in mind that large corporations once started as a dream in a garage, living room, or backyard. Those willing to take the risk to innovate and hire others should be celebrated and rewarded.  Although we have made great strides, we have more to do. By keeping our educated children here in Ohio, nurturing an environment of innovation, and ensuring Ohioans receive proper trade-based training, we will continue to lay a foundation for a prosperous future for business owners and workers alike.



Jonathan Dever delivered the resources our children need to earn a world class education.

Jonathan Dever is a champion for public education. Despite big cuts in government spending, Jonathan Dever championed legislation that ensured local school districts didn't lose a single dime in funding.

Children are the cornerstone of the community, and we must ensure that they receive the best educational opportunities in the country. To achieve that goal, Jonathan will continue to advocate for a stronger funding formula and to restore local control to school districts so that teachers can have more freedom in the classroom. It is time to get back to basics.  It is time that our classrooms encourage children to be the best they can, not simply recite lessons for a test.


Responsible Government

Jonathan Dever delivered a system to make sure that state government leaders are accountable to the people they serve.

Jonathan Dever will always work to return power to the voters, ensuring that our state and local officials are fiscally responsible and accountable to the taxpayers.  In Columbus, he sponsored legislation to make sure that Ohio's online checkbook (, which helps Ohioans monitor how their money is being spent, cannot be eliminated by future elected officials. This site helped take Ohio from No. 47 to No. 1 in the nation for government transparency.


Supporting Those in Need

Jonathan Dever delivered real change to help the disabled and those facing foreclosure, provide tools for governments to clean up blighted neighborhoods, and protect victims of human trafficking and heroin addiction.

Jonathan Dever advocates for those in need.  Early in his career as an attorney, he learned first-hand how at times, government and large business can take advantage of the system and hurt those without a voice. 

In his first term in office, Jonathan sponsored the Ohio ABLE Act, which provides a lifeline for individuals with disabilities to help them and their families save money for their high medical costs. Jonathan also championed legislation that removed the term "mentally retarded" from Ohio’s law code because everyone deserves respect and words matter.  Jonathan also actively supported legislation empowering those with a disability to work and not be forced into a life of poverty.

As a foreclosure defense attorney, Jonathan fought for homeowner rights and a comprehensive foreclosure reform bill, both of which became law.  Because of this legislation, homeowners facing financial hardship and foreclosure now have an opportunity to stay in their homes and keep their American Dream alive, instead of being forced out of their home by a lender.

Jonathan is leading the charge to help victims of human trafficking, giving them a way to clear their names and rebuild their lives.

Jonathan has tackled the heroin epidemic head on, holding the drug suppliers responsible for poisoning our kids and making them accountable for overdose deaths.  In addition, he fought for and secured millions of dollars to treat the addicted in Hamilton County, effectively doubling the number of people that are able to be helped.



Jonathan Dever delivered the decision-making power back into the hands of the consumer, ensuring that all Ohioans are able to receive affordable and quality care.

We must continue to improve upon the current healthcare system.  Jonathan Dever advocated for legislation that mandated all hospitals disclose their prices, just like a grocery store.  We must be certain that uninsured Ohioans are able to receive coverage and know what things cost, while at the same time increasing physician discretion.  Jonathan Dever will continue to fight for physician and consumer rights, reforming the way medical collections are performed in Ohio. No family should be forced to choose between taking care of a loved one and bankruptcy.



Jonathan Dever delivered resources to local communities to begin the process of rebuilding our roads and infrastructure.

Jonathan Dever secured funding for local government improvement projects throughout the 28th District and Hamilton County, some of which were last repaired in the 1970's.  Moving forward, Jonathan will continue to fight to make sure that funding our highway and road projects becomes a top priority. Through cooperation and advocacy in Columbus and with federal elected officials, we can make sure that our infrastructure reflects our needs. Major arteries, like I-71, I-75, and I-275, tie Southwest Ohio together, yet they are in disrepair and require investment. Roads, bridges, and a vibrant regional airport are necessary ingredients to encourage business growth.