Jonathan Dever Calls on Blue Ash City Council to Allow Disabled Girl to Keep Service Animal

February 19, 2014

For Immediate Release

Contact:     Jonathan Dever


Jonathan Dever Calls on Blue Ash City Council to Allow Disabled Girl to Keep Service Animal

Local attorney and Republican candidate for the 28th House District Jonathan Dever today called on Blue Ash City Council to amend a city ordinance to allow a young, disabled girl to keep her service animal. 

Ingrid Anderson of Blue Ash has a daughter who has struggled with physical disabilities since birth.  Upon the advice of medical professionals at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Ms. Anderson provided her daughter with a miniature horse as a service animal.  The horse, named Ellie, is about the size of a St. Bernard dog and helps Ms. Anderson’s daughter with mobility around the family’s yard.  Her daughter often relies on Ellie to help her stand back up when she falls down. 

The City of Blue Ash, citing a unanimously passed ordinance from January of 2013, has ordered the Andersons to remove the horse from their property for violating the city’s ban on livestock.  The Andersons are suing the city, insisting that miniature horses are service animals and should not be classified as livestock.  Reports indicate that Ms. Anderson’s daughter’s condition has deteriorated since the service animal was ordered off their property.

“The federal government is already intrusively stepping into our lives to dictate medical decisions for our families.  The City of Blue Ash has no business overreaching either and trying to determine what is in the best medical interests of Ms. Anderson’s little girl.  This service animal was recommended by their doctors and the little girl has clearly benefited from having the horse around. We have enough politicians trying to play doctor already, Blue Ash City Council doesn’t need to join in,” Dever said.  “Council should immediately amend the city’s ordinance to allow Ms. Anderson’s daughter to keep her service animal.  I invite folks to call and email Blue Ash City Council to encourage them to do the right and compassionate thing and let the Andersons keep Ellie. ”