Meet Jonathan and His Family


Jonathan Dever is currently in his second term as State Representative for Ohio's 28th House District, which includes the northern suburbs of Hamilton County.  He is proud to be seeking re-election.  

Jonathan has a reputation as a leader who can get things done. Among major legislative accomplishments, Jonathan has taken an interest in helping those with disabilities rise above poverty, ensuring our public schools receive the funding they need, and making sure every Ohioan can realize the American Dream of homeownership. Jonathan is also a nationally recognized legislator in the field of financial regulations, housing law, and criminal justice reform. 

As an advocate in the community, Jonathan has helped modernize and streamline government, working with Democrats and Republicans, to make government services more efficient and effective. He embraces bipartisan cooperation to solve common pain points and believes that the government closest to the people is the most responsive.   

Jonathan has deep roots in the 28th House District.  He grew up in Montgomery, attended The Summit Country Day Boys School, and Culver Military Academy for High School. Jonathan returned home after high school to earn his bachelor’s degree from the University of Cincinnati, then received his master’s degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and his law degree from Capital University. And after he and his wife finished their professional degrees, they headed back home and started two businesses in the same year.  His wife started her dental practice and Jonathan opened his law office. 

An avid outdoorsman, Jonathan also spends his spare time restoring a 1939 Ford pickup truck.  His wife, Martha, is a Sustainer with the Junior League of Cincinnati and teaches political refugees English, helping prepare them for their citizenship test.

The Dever family lives in Madeira, making their two sons the fifth consecutive generation to call Madeira home.  Jonathan and Martha are raising their boys on the same street that Jonathan's father grew up on. Their children attend Madeira Elementary.